Achieve your goals with us!

The brand was launched in 2021 by an enthusiastic team of professionals after a long period of organization. So that we can offer you the best. We try to distance ourselves from the self-proclaimed tellers of our time, who without the slightest sense of responsibility make false conclusions from a mixture of perceived and real things.

Adapted to our accelerated life rhythm, new XXI. century dishes are needed. This doesn’t mean that you need a work of art filled with poisons coughed up from all kinds of chemical plants. Rather, you should eat foods with a fiber-protein-carbohydrate-fat ratio that best suits your lifestyle and goals. Which are sometimes even enriched with vitamins, minerals or trace elements to help your body achieve its goals.

We do not develop our products for you in order to make a business – rather we want to build a business so that we can make the best products for you!

Did you know that hundreds of years of knowledge have accumulated behind MYyummy, adding up the experience of our colleagues and the companies working with us?

Did you know that we chose the name MYyummy for you? Our goal was for you to know that we want to make something delicious for you!

Did you know that MYyummy products were and are still being worked on by internationally known and recognized specialists?

Did you know that your body uses approximately 40% of its energy for digestion? MYyummy wants to help you adapt this to your goals.

Did you know that excessively refined foods contain significantly less dietary fiber than you need? MYyummy enriches most of its products with fiber so that your body can be balanced.

Did you know that your body needs a different diet if you move a lot, if you move a little, if you prefer to do office work or, on the contrary, if you work standing? MYyummy tries to help you create a diet that best fits your lifestyle and achieve your goals.

Did you know that the MYyummy brand is based on science and research to such an extent that it took years between the birth of the basic concept and the launch of the first product?

Did you know that your body can adopt completely new habits and fix them in 60 days? This means that you can transform your diet and, with it, your life, in just two months, if you wish. MYyummy will always be there to help you achieve your goals.

Did you know that a properly designed lifestyle can extend your life by up to a decade, not to mention the quality of life?