Sweet pleasure without the guilt

Delicious sponge cakes in seconds, without sugar


Sugar free chockolate muffin

A quick and easy choice if you want something sweet


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Universal flour mixture

High protein bread and scones? Maybe a delicious American pancake for breakfast?
Try our flour mixes and create your masterpiece at home, reap the rewards! And of course, enjoy the fact that you can finally eat a double portion of the fruits of your labor! With their reduced carbohydrate content and significant fiber content, they will be excellent additions to your diet.

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Sugar-free dessert specialties

A dessert that fits into the diet? Believe it or not: it exists!
With our sugar-free products, you can easily replace what has probably been missing from your diet: pleasure. You won’t believe that this is not a traditional delicacy and neither will your partner. Finally, it is not necessary to make two kinds of desserts if you are the only one in the family on a diet.

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Protein dry pasta

Do you want to supplement your daily protein intake with a delicious pasta dish? Why not!
If you didn’t think it was possible, we don’t blame you. But we believe in a balanced and varied diet. Why can’t pasta be considered not only a source of carbohydrates, but also a source of protein?

Our products

Ingredients for baking

Look for our products if you don’t want that shopping list to start with powdered sugar either.
With our products with reduced carbohydrate content and no added sugar, baking can finally speak about health. Choose our baking-proof jam or our flour mixtures and with them the possibility of carefree creation and guilt-free tasting!

Achieve your goals with us!

Your goals

It is easier for some, harder for others to achieve, but we all strive for something.
And often the goal is not the point, but the path we choose.

Enjoyable weight loss

Are you also looking for a diet that is simple, easy to follow, and also without deprivation?
You don’t have to go far, you may have already found it.

Active life

There is a program waiting for you every weekend and would it be nice to have a quick solution for traveling?
Try our quick recipes and take them with you anywhere.

Healthy life for everyday

Some solutions for you, if you also pay attention to a balanced, healthy diet.
After all, it’s the best way to keep diseases away for years to come.

Explosive energy

Can you barely keep up with the family? Do you often feel weak?
Choose the MYyummy lifestyle as a solution and get in shape with us!

They said about us

All-purpose flour is supreme. It is as easy to bake with it as if it were plain fine flour.

DettiOur customer

Muffins can be prepared quickly and easily. Delicious, after serving, the family members ate it right away, flavoring it to their liking with fruits and sugar-free ice cream. It fills our stomach, so we take in fewer calories. Yet it provides long-lasting energy.

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